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Fine Dining
Boasting some of the Finest Facilities, all of which can be accessed at will

From our kitchen gardens to plate, we can trace our sourced ingredients, even down to the farm where our meat comes from and the boat that catches the fish. At Hurst Manor, we have two dining rooms, one specifically catering for those suffering with dementia and one for other members of the community. We are able to cater for any dietary requirement and where necessary, adapt our menu to meet the needs of residents so as to allow people advancing on their dementia journey to maintain their independence when eating. Our team of hard working and passionate chefs source fresh, local produce and take inspiration from seasons to ensure that residents are continually impressed.

Food and dining is something that we dote on here at Hurst Manor and understand the huge role it plays in our lives, both for nutrition and also social factors. It allows for engagement and social activity in which residents may dine together or with family and friends and catch up on the busy weeks that have passed. We encourage that you join us and take part in our dining experience along with your loved ones at any time. Alongside our exciting daily menus offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also serve afternoon tea and biscuits to be enjoyed at your demand.
We are proud to deliver your food with style, flair and passion all day, every day.

'Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness' ~ Auguste Escoffier
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